Tab Ultrasonic Welding
Application Range:The equipment is for tab ultrasonic welding in assembly line of prismatic lithium ion battery production with the functions of ultrasonic welding of tabs and protection pad, shaping after welding, taping in welding area, etc.
  • Single equipment capacity
  • Welding position accuracy
  • Taping position accuracy

Welding quality real time online detection&No-taping detection

Online auto tape adding function & Stock buffering mechanism for continuous feeding


Auto-Loading& Unloading Manipulator       

Bar Code scaning

Connection piece/ Protection piece vacuum absorption loading

Welding protection taping

Cathode and anode tab ultrasonic welding

Anode resistance welding reinforce mechanism

Size L*W*H≤ 6800*2900*2600mm
Single equipment capacity ≥24PPM
Applicable cell dimensions W:80-250mm,H:70-230mm,T:10-45mm 
Welding position accuracy ≤±0.3mm
Taping position accuracy ≤±1mm
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