Application Range: Stacked cells manufacturing
  • Efficiency(triple stations work simultaneously)
  • Adjacent pole piece alignment accuracy
  • Whole core alignment accuracy
  • Electrode cut off accuracy

cutting and stacking 2 in 1,Simplified procedure of Transplanting,saving manpowers

No magazine transfer,prevent electrode damage

Efficiency(triple stations work  simultaneously to reach 0.15S/PC)

High Precision(Electrode end surface alignment accuracy: ±0.3mm)

Staking in order to avoid duplication,Small size,Type change speedy


Rolling-Back / Tension Control / Deviation Rectifying /Precipitator / Auto-loading

Chamfering/ Cut off

CCD / Tab  Transplanter / Stack tables

Electrode AM Testing / Cell  Transplanter / Cell Unloading  / Gluing

Single equipment capacity ≥4PPM (cells for 69 layers)
Electrode Size L=80-220mm,W=150-350mm(include tab)
Qualified Rate ≥ 99.8%
Electrode cut off accuracy +/-0.1mm
Burr ≤12um(vertical),≤15 um(horizontal)
Voltage 380V(Three-phase)
Power 70KVA
Frequency 50Hz
Pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Weight/Bearing About 8000Kg / ≤650Kg/m²
Size L*W*H≤ 12000*4000*2700mm
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