Camera Final Product Function Tests
Application: Final camera product wide and ultra wide angle camera test
  • Model

Double layer multiple modes test fixture, high UPH

Supports up to 210°FOV

Comprehensive camera function test items.

Manual and automatic modes selectable & quick switchable.

Flexible modular design, capable of product type and test type quick switching.

Function & Specifications
Details Description
Function Camera contamination detection, image resolution (sharpness) and image quality tests.
Test item Electrical test (Open/Short circuit, I2C, etc.)
Image resolution test (NF, FF, infinity), distortion test, etc
Image quality testing (color, white balance, Pixel detect, Blemish...)
Core Assemblies Testcard
Backlight plate (high uniformity, adjustable brightness)
Relay mirror (FOV≤150°) or collimator (FOV: 80~210°)
Multi-up product holder (up to 4 products)
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