Lidar Module Assembly Line
Intelligent Driving
  • Dimension
Main Processes

Base plate screwing equipment for applying thermal conductive gel and assembling modules, module installation screw locking equipment, installation of vibration mirror and fold mirror bracket screw locking equipment.

Installation of transmission board and screw locking equipment, installation of digital board screw locking and thermal conductive gel application equipment, installation of shielding cover and thermal conductive gel application equipment, screw locking equipment for sealant and waterproof cover installation, base and upper frame sealant application equipment, upper frame assembly screwing equipment, left side cover screwing equipment.

Offline five-axis dispensing equipment for window glass, semi-finished base plate baking oven offline equipment, finished product baking oven offline equipment.

Semi-automatic equipment for manual feeding, manual inspection, valve assembly, etc.

Main Parameters

Dimension: 12000*1500*1800mm(L*W*H)

Production Efficiency:<120s



Compatibility: Compatible with 7 types of products

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