Adapter Laser Welding
Application Range:The equipment is the welding machine of the prismatic lithium ion battery in the assembly section, and completes the welding of the adapter and the top cover, taping, cells folding, and tap wrapping.
  • Single equipment capacity
  • Welding speed

Robot puts cell on and down the turntable, good flexibility, convenient to debugging

Multiple protecting functions during welding process


Auto-Loading& Unloading Manipulator

Top connection piece laser welding

Negative pressure dedusting when welding

Welding gap CCD real time monitoring when welding

Top coding

Welding gap taping

Information Tracing System

Size L*W*H≤ 9500*6000*2600mm
Single equipment capacity ≥24PPM
Applicable cell dimensions W:80-250mm,H:70-230mm,T:10-45mm
Welding speed 130mm/s(laser continuous welding speed)
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