High Voltage Wire Harness Processing Assembly Line
Electrical and Electronic
  • Dimension
Main Processes

Automatic cable end processing (including: ring cutting of inner and outer sheaths, laser cutting of aluminum foil, brushing of shielding mesh, etc.).

Automatic line end assembly (including: fitting buckle, fitting sealing ring, fitting inner shield, and outer shield).

Automatic shielding ring pressing, terminal pressing, heat shrink tube shrinking, and semi-automatic terminal ultrasonic welding.

Automatic sheath and flange assembly, pushing sealing ring and buckle.

Semi-automatic pipe clamping and size measurement, and comprehensive testing.

Semi-automatic tying with straps and manual assembly of corrugated pipes.

Main Parameters

Dimension: 32500mm*5200mm*2000mm(L*W*H)



Failure Rate:≤1%

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