Powertrain Assembly Test Line
Application: Automatic assembly, laser engraving, and testing of powertrains
  • Dimension

The assembly line is used for automatic assembly, laser engraving, and testing of powertrains.

Main Processes

Automated equipment: Stippling machine, laser engraving machine, fork machine, end face gluing machine, case tightening machine, electrical performance testing machine, front cover tightening machine, rear cover gluing machine, rear cover tightening machine, and air tightness testing machine.

Manual workstation equipment: Attachment 1/2 assembly machine, terminal assembly machine, MCU1/2 assembly machine, MCU tightening machine, copper plate tightening machine, and terminal assembly machine.

Main Parameters

Dimension: 50*10*1.8m(L*W*H)

Production Efficiency:<120s

Compatibility:3 types of powertrains(120KW/150KW/200KW)



Power Supply:AC380V,50HZ

Air Supply:0.5~0.7mpa

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