4 Cup Fill
This production line is suitable for four-cup reagent filling
  • UPM
  • Yield

ST01: Manual Loading → STO2: Empty Bottle Weighing → ST03: Filling → ST04: Weighing After Filling → ST05: Gripping and Panning → ST06: Manual Retrieval

ST01: Manual Feeding → STO2: Aluminium Foil Feeding → ST03: Aluminium Foil Forward and Reverse Detection → ST04: Aluminium Foil Heat Sealing → ST05: Gripping translation → ST06: Manual Retrieval

UPM 12pcs/min
Product 4 Cup Bottle
Transfer PNP + Carrier + Guide Rail
Filling Method Peristaltic pump fill
Seal Requirements No air leakage at -40Kpa after sealing; The maximum peeling force should be: magnetic bead bottle ≤ 16N, triple cup ≤ 10N
Yield ≥99%
Controls HMI + PLC
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