3 Cup labeling
This production line is suitable for automatic feeding of a single filled triple cup tray
  • UPM
  • Yield

ST01: Main and secondary frame loading → ST02: Main and secondary frames attach front labels → ST03: Label detection → ST04:NG reject → ST05: Main and sub frame carrier pairing → ST06:RFID tag information printing and labeling → ST07: Scan code → ST08:RFID information writing → ST09:RFID information reading → ST10:RFID information detection → ST11: primary and secondary frame unloading > NG removal

UPM 120pcs/min
Product 3 Cup Bottle
Transfer Belt Line + Carrier
Labeling Method Product information label on the front and RFID label on the side (QR code label)
Accuracy ±1mm
Yield ≥99%
Controls HMI + PLC
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