Research and development at the heart of Colibri's corporate growth
Automation equipment technology accumulation,We have capability in core technologies in machine vision and optics, precision sensors and testing, motion control and robotics, software technology, and precision machine design. By integrating these core technologies, we are able to meet a wide range of complex automation system integration technical needs, and satisfy our customers' need for precise, fast, informatized, safe and reliable products. As traditional manufacturing continues to transition to smart manufacturing, we focus on the link between smart manufacturing information systems and automation equipment, promoting deep integration of informatization and automation, and expanding our reach from system integration to holistic systemized smart manufacturing solutions.
Motion Control & Robot
Software Technology
Precision Sensing & Testing
Machine Vision& Optics
Precision Mechanical Design
Precision Mechanical Design
· Micron-size tuning and measurement
· Precision force and position measurement
· Equipment general module design
Software Technology
· Standard software architecture and module design
· Data acquisition and monitoring system
· Large and medium PLC software design
Motion Control & Robot
· Modeling and control of complex motion systems
· Vibration suppression of high speed automation system
· Industrial robot development and application
· DSP multi - axis motion controller design
Machine Vision & Optics
· Machine vision and Image processing platform
· Image processing algorithms Library
Precision Sensing & Testing
· Automated testing for smartphone camera & screen
· 3D gyroscope and inertia test
· AGV SLAM navigation and positioning
We constantly seek to create high-quality products
and pursue technological innovation.
Colibri Technologies is a technology-guided industrial automation enterprise with advanced integrated design, R&D, machining and project management capabilities. As a national high-technology enterprise, research and development is at the heart of our corporate growth, and we constantly seek to create high-quality products and pursue technological innovation.