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In Communication industry, Colibri has the most complete machine inspection solution and is a leading supplier of machine inspection equipment. We have developed and accumulated various types of mobile terminal detection technologies, including cameras, screen displays, proximity sensors, face recognition depth sensors, ambient light sensors, gyroscopes, linear motors, fingerprint buttons, compasses, wireless charging, VR helmets, etc. . Colibri has covered comprehensive functional testing and can be widely used in various mobile terminal products such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, headphones, stereos, and glasses.


Colibri has established a good and stable business cooperation relationship with the leading brands in the industry. Through close cooperation with industry-leading brands, Colibri can keep abreast of the development trend of the downstream industry, accurately grasp the needs of customers for new technologies and new products, so as to carry out more forward-looking R & D and maintain the company's competition in the industry.


Colibri has amassed extensive experience and understanding of the needs of our customers. We provide complete turnkey processes, which can drastically increase project results by means of rich experience in ODM.


Furthermore, our strategic service point layout and efficient manpower allocation enables rapid production so that we are able to deliver the expected results to our customers on time. Meanwhile, we are committed to offering IP protection to our customers. Colibri implements approved internal protocol and strict control on access of patent design, processing, and production information. For example, we have enforced strict security measures for smartphone manufacturer.

Assembly----Mobile Phone Panel Assembly Line
Test----Mobile Phone Camera Test Equipment
Test----Mobile Phone Dual Camera Test Equipment
Test----Mobile Phone New Camera Test Equipment
Test----Mobile Phone Quick Test Equipment
Test----Mobile Phone Functional Test Equipment
Test----Mobile Phone Keypads Testing Equipment
Assembly----Mobile Phone Touch Panel Attachment Equipment
Assembly----LOGO Attachment Machine
Assembly----Mobile Phone Auxiliary Material Attachment
Assembly----Mobile Phone Copper foil Attachment Equipment