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Awarded again, Colibri won the honor!

On the evening of December 18, 2019, "Shenzhen Electronic Equipment Industry Association & Shenzhen Intelligent Equipment Industry Association 2020. The leading Enterprises in Industrial Equipment Award Ceremony “was held in Plum Blossom Hall on the fifth floor of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At the meeting, 98 enterprises with outstanding performance in industrial robots, industrial control, automation systems, laser manufacturing, SMT, semiconductor and other subdivisions were commended. These enterprises include leading companies, key enterprises and new entrants with huge potential.    

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Shi Hao, President of Shenzhen Electronic Equipment Industry Association and executive vice president of Intelligent Equipment Industry Association, said that since the founding of new China, the manufacturing industry has developed rapidly and established the largest scale of manufacturing system in the world. This system is with complete categories and independent integrity, especially the intelligent equipment industry in Shenzhen. The selection activity of "Shenzhen equipment industry outstanding enterprises" sponsored by Shenzhen Electronic Equipment Industry Association and Shenzhen intelligent equipment industry association aims to encourage excellent enterprises, set an example in the industry as successful demonstrations. Also aiming to stimulate enterprises to compete to be the top in the industry, and promote the innovation and development of Shenzhen intelligent equipment industry.

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Shenzhen Colibri Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. After more than ten years of development, it has become an intelligent manufacturing enterprise specialized in providing industrial automation equipment and industrial automation system solutions for customers to realize their need of intelligent manufacturing. The company can provide customized and integrated services such as product design, system development, prototype manufacturing, system verification, batch replication, after-sales service, and other service. According to the need of customers, Colibri has the ability to quickly convert customer’s ideas into design project and products. The industrial automation equipment produced by Colibri technologies can effectively help customers to improve the production efficiency, product quality and production intelligence level. It also helps customers to realize the industrial automation need for new technologies, as well as achieve the purpose of safe production, energy conservation and emission reduction

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No pain no gain, with the sustained effort and hard work in the field of automation system integration, Colibri technologies won the honor of "Shenzhen Leading Enterprise in the field of Automatic Equipment industry ".