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Colibri attended the 3rd Sino Swiss Artificial Intelligence Conference and give a speech.

On November 8, 2019, the 3rd Sino Swiss Artificial Intelligence Conference (SinoSwissAI 2019) was successfully held in the Swiss National Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland. The conference gathered more than 200 well-known experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from China and Switzerland in the field of artificial intelligence. Around the theme of "Application of Artificial Intelligence Enabling Industry", the guests had an in-depth exchange of views on the new trend of the development of artificial intelligence technology and its innovative application in various industries, which attracted wide attention of the industry. As a representative of Chinese enterprises, Colibri was invited to attend and give a speech.

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The focus of this conference is to gather experts and scholars from academic and industrial areas in Switzerland and China, share ideas and visions related to artificial intelligence and big data technology. Aiming to build a bridge for innovation exchanges between China, Switzerland and even Europe; deepen cooperation in production, learning and research, and promote innovation and upgrading of technology, also improving communication and exchanges of talents, technology and products in the field of artificial intelligence between China and Switzerland. Moreover, the conference also hope to accelerate the economic development between China and Europe and the China's The Belt and Road Initiative. Swiss experts said that China has played an important role in the field of artificial intelligence research, and the influence of Chinese researchers in this field has increased significantly in recent years.

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Experts and scholars from universities and research institutions such as EPFL, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and technology were invited to the conference to introduce the latest research progress in popular fields such as intelligent system architecture, social network media, voice signal processing, image recognition processing, Internet of things and other fields. Experts from ABB, IBM, Pictet, Datapred, Investlas and experts from Aixpert, Shenzhen Colibri, Huarui Xinzhi and other companies from China exchanged in-depth information on AI application technology, solutions of big data and corresponding market development. The conference showed the current development trend and the latest products of AI in the industry, and a number of Chinese and Swiss innovation enterprises reached in-depth cooperation intention on site.

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Ms. Stella Feng, director of Colibri Cooperate marketing, delivered a speech of "Toward smart visual inspection with AI". The speech introduced the application of Colibri in machine vision. The company conducted in-depth research on the surface features of objects based on the independently developed mathematical model and AI algorithm. These research combined with the independent lighting technology to formed advanced AOI practice, and launched a series of RevEye solutions. According to the different application industries and application scenarios, there are a series of RevEye Cosmetics, EevEye Precision, RevEye Integral, RevEye Odd Shape and others. It can widely applies in appearance defect detection and product measurement of abnormal automobile parts, medical devices, hard disk parts, hardware and other products.