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Fight with Covid-19, Colibri Flat-flod Mask Production Machine is Coming!

Due to the continually escalation of corona virus epidemic all over the world, the demand of masks are also growing rapidly. Masks therefore become a “hard currency” due to the serious shortage. In order to solve the shortage of masks, the manufacturing capability of China once again attracts the attention of the world. 


As an intelligent manufacturing enterprise with nearly 20 years of experience in the automation industry, Colibri has its advantages in technology foundation and development. The company is devoted to be a socially responsible company and actively responds to the call of the government. After the successfully volume delivery of Automated Surgical Mask Machine, the first batch of Flat-fold Mask Production Machine have been successfully delivered.


The fully automatic Flat-fold Mask Production Machine can be widely used in production of N95, KN95, KF94 and masks in other standards. It realized the fully automated production procedure from raw materials to finished masks. The main components of the mask production machine include cylinder, deceleration motor, servo motor, reducer, ultrasonic, photoelectric detection, aluminum alloy structure, and other parts. This is a high efficiency machine with advanced technology, reasonable structure, reliable and convenient operation to help producing more good quality masks.